Christian Rap Artists

These are the Christian rappers that we discovered over the years. If available, you will be provided with the contact information by which you can get a hold of them.

Among those rappers, some have an asterisk next to their name or the name is in red because we found them questionable for a few reasons: either we smell something fishy, or they ventured into bad doctrine, dangerous heresies, or have vocally forsaken the Faith. For these, we may provide a link for our case, if available. Otherwise, we encourage you to do your research. Maybe you could email us.

Beautiful Eulogy

Dernier Rempart (French Group)

God Over Money

Gods Mob Pezzy



Konexion (French Group)

Lozt Zoul

MTL Disciples

Psalms of Men

O'Bros (German Group)

Social Club Misfits

Cross Movement

The Collective

The Menace Movement

The Plumbline Collective


Young Disciples

Groups & Movements